Our Promise

We set very high standards for ourselves ensuring our clients get the best that our organisation can offer. We have decided not to take the usual path but to go where there is no path, with the intention of leaving a trail. Service users are at the core of our business. We continuously collect feedback using a variety of methods and use this to continuously improve the service we provide. This enables us to provide an individual and personalised package of care that is sensitive to the needs of vulnerable adults and children. We understand the challenges faced by both our staff and our clients, treating all concerned with the utmost respect.

Maintaining a high degree of integrity we only promise what is practical and achievable. We maintain open lines of communication between ourselves, our staff, our clients and service users, ensuring we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are aware that no service is the same and may have individual
requirements both for service delivery and service user need. We will always ensure one of our consultants visit you to discuss your requirements.

JA.AB Care is confident that your requirements, whatever they may be, are safe in our hands.
"I was very impressed with the director's availability and commitment to the quality of care provided. One of the statements that stand out is when he said this could be our parents or family members being cared for, so quality staff is important to us at JA.AB Care"

Team Manager
Supported Housing